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This week's product is Miller Hybrid 109 Day Conventional Seed Corn, This is a very high yielding hybrid that has reached 300 BPA in trial's.

If your trying to reduce cost and still keep your yields at the top of the farm I would encourage you to plant 09-01

CONV.  Maximize profit not expenses on your farm.

Your Cost $114.00 per unit.  

Would you like more information?

Please Call 605-553-2142 or 319-481-8514

I would like to see this hybrid planted south of I-90 for best results,  or on sandy fast ground.


Looking to plant soybeans and want to keep seed cost low? 

Glyphosate Tolerant Soybean!

Miller Hybrid Seed has a 2.5 soybean that will yield with any other soybean on your farm today, but will cost much less than what you are paying.

Cost per unit (not treated) $25.25 (ad $8.00 for treated)

Do not forget we offer a full line of chemicals to help you manage weeds on your farm.  

Take a look at the tech sheets for both of the Miller Hybrid Seeds.  

 Tim or Mike can answer any of your questions.

Thank You 

Tim Kleinsasser