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Chemical Budget Plan!

Please take a moment and view some chemical programs that can control a wide range of grasses and weeds in your fields!

We have selected a few products that are easy on your budget while giving you excellent weed control in your fields.

Planting  traits or conventional we have a chemical program that can provide season long control of hard to control weeds. 

If your looking for package or bulk products we can provide the size that fits your needs the best.

With most orders we can have product shipped direct to your farm, or we will deliver if that works better for you.  Yes you can always pick chemical products up in season at one of our warehouses around the Midwest.

If you do not see what your looking for make sure you ask as we have listed programs that we feel can save you money per acre while not risking weed control.

The Field of Soybeans on this page are NON GMO Soybeans!

Chemical Program:

Total Chemical Cost: $25.00 per acre!      Pre and Post chemicals.


Call 605-553-2142   We have a great team that can help. 

The key for best control?: TIMING!!! 

Plant and apply pre chemicals ASAP,  most pre's will give you around 24-30 days of control so apply your post no later than 21 day's after you apply your pre chemicals. (do not cut rates) on your chemicals.  (scout your fields) for proper application and target weeds.

If you have any question or are interested in any of these products.  

Looking for bids on chemical?  we would be happy to provide them.

Call Tim 605-553-2142 or text

email: [email protected]